ACEIDEV works to spur the citizens to advocate and make demand for good governance and engage the electoral process to ensure its transparent and respects the will of the people. We work with National and grassroots organizations and leaders at the community level to galvanize them to own the process of demanding for accountability from public office holders to deliver dividends of good governance and eradicate corruption and impunity. We participate in all the election life cycle working with key stakeholders to promote inclusive and participatory democratic elections devoid of irregularities.

ACEIDEV is strongly persuaded that for meaningful political inclusion to take place, citizens at the grassroots need to be armed with relevant information and their capacity built to make demands on elected or appointed government officials. Nigeria prolonged years of military regimes affected people’s perception of governance as exclusive preserve of some privilege few. ACEIDEV galvanize the people to demand for inclusivity in governance and any issues that concerns them, throughout the electoral process. ACEIDEV works with community based organization, organized town union, women and youth groups as well as traditional and faith based institutions to organize the people to strategically engage elected or appointed government officials to promote good governance.




Youth are the strength of any nation and the fulcrum on which it’s future development and advancement in the comity of nations lies. Youth constitute the larger percentage of the active workforce of any nation.

ACEIDEV believes that developing the entrepreneurship potentials of youth is developing the economic possibilities of a nation. YEDEP works towards identifying as many as such youth that have brilliant, original and bright ideas with potential global impact; develop, enable and connect them to sources of funding.

Special focus are given to young undergraduates, school drop outs, and unemployed graduates with high impact ideas that will create not less than 500 jobs within the shortest period of establishment.

Youths accepted in the centre go through the following process.
1. Identification and screening
2. Six weeks entrepreneurship development course
3. Entrepreneurship meet and greet networking events
4. Deal Closing and Programme Wrap up

Changing global environment and economic situation has been placing more burden on the society. It has become increasingly difficult for heads of families to shoulder the responsibility of family upkeeps alone. In developed countries, women have risen up to these challenges to fill in the gap to augment the efforts of their spouses. Single divorced and widowed women start more businesses as entrepreneurs than men in their respective categories in most developed countries.
Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDEP) is narrowed to women as a target group, the aim is to improve their socio-economic status. The program is tailored to develop and encourage women to engage in entrepreneurship endeavor in view to create jobs and serve as a role model for upcoming young women.
WEDEP starts by scouting and identifying female with potentials and original entrepreneurial ideas that can transform their society with high impact and visibility that can create job opportunities in the society. The program looks at providing grants and business training to support women’s start-ups. ACEIDEV provides a gender specific and sensitive training, create access to funding, networking and access to market.
Women’s entrepreneurship holds strong potential for spurring economic opportunity and job creation in developing countries. In addition, growing evidence suggests that economically empowering women may reap substantial benefits for the health and wellbeing of families and communities.

Retirement is a period most working class people are scared of, more so as they’ve spent most of their active years as an employee or service men/women. The retirement benefits they collect may not be enough to last for the rest of their retired age. Some that venture into entrepreneurship do lost their money to fraudsters or mismanage it due to lack of experience. RASCEP component of ACEIDEV focus on preparing retiring and retired senior citizens to take a short in entrepreneurial endeavor. The program build their capacity to run and manage an enterprise, create access to funding from investors as well as networking to ready markets for their product and services.
People with special needs are exceptionally talented individuals often neglected by the society. Most have been able to develop their creative ability to solve most societal problems of which if well harnessed will create wealth, jobs for others and become a solution to myriads of issues facing our world. The programs creates a space for expression of their ideas, where talented ones are identified, trained, connected and funded to commence their start-ups. The ideas being proposed are scrutinized to ensure of its high impact ability not only to the society but to the community of people with special needs at large. The programme is aimed to also serve as motivation to other people with special needs.


ACEIDEV obtains permission from all necessary actors concerned in a copyrighted information for reproduction.
Extensive work in brought to bear to reproduce the information to encourage readership and understanding
The information could be reproduced as a simplified version, pictorial version, infographic or iconographic presentations etc.

Animated Stories:
Short animated stories are often developed where necessary to pass information to the general public, these information are usually disseminated through the traditional electronic media for consumption or new media. The information on paper is studied, translated, scripted and animated to convey the message it’s meant

Public Sensitization:
ACEIDEV carries out public sensitization on select information that will be of immense benefit to the society. These are carried out through road shows, public lectures, sensitization workshops in schools, institutions or select public places etc. The public sensitization brings the information to the door steps of the consumer with attendant benefit of interactions and debates on the subject matter.

Media Dissemination:
The media is the fastest and surest way of reaching out to large number of people. leverage on this to reach out to as many people through TV and Radio presentation, interviews, talk shows etc. Paid adverts where available are also used to pass urgent public information across to the society.