Good Governance Advocacy

Good Governance & Electoral Participation

Good Governance & Electoral Participation

ACEIDEV engages citizens at the grassroots to galvanize them to holding government and government institutions accountable in the delivery of public good to everyone.  When elective and appointed government officials are conscious of the fact that citizens are equipped with the right knowledge to hold them accountable, they are more circumspect in handling public affairs.

The organization organized a one day sensitization programme with grassroots community women in Bwari area councils on the 19th of June 2021 on women active participation in governance and electoral process. The programme which was specifically targeted at only women with voters card was aimed at mitigating and curbing electoral malpractices such as vote buying and selling, community conspiracy and sale of permanent voters cards to politicians.

During the programme, the women were sensitized on the importance of developing a citizen charter of demand to be presented to political aspirants during elections. This charter of demand will itemize various needs of the community in order of priority which the political office holder need to enter as a social contract with the people.  Another important document there were taught to develop in community score card. This they will use to track the performance of whoever they vote to an elective office at intervals during their tenure.

Networks of Civil Society groups in Enugu State on 30th of July, 2021 were also engaged by ACEIDEV on the need to engage the government as a network on behalf of the people they represent.

The Civil Society network were urged to factor strategic engagement with people in authority for effective advocacy devoid of confrontation but impactful in approach. 

In their organizational project planning, the CSO networks were trained on how to factor community development initiatives in their activities while working with those in authority to delivery good governance to the people.

The CSO networks are reminded to be at the forefront for active citizens mobilization for participation in electoral and governance activities, such as continuous voters registration, participation in public hearings, and holding their representatives from Chancellors, to Local Government Chairman, State and Federal Representatives the governors of the state and the President of the country.

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