ACEIDEV  obtains permission from key actors concerned in a copyrighted information for reproduction.

Extensive work in brought to bear to reproduce the information to encourage readership and understanding

The information could be reproduced as a simplified version, pictorial version, infographic or iconographic presentations etc.

Animated Stories

Short animated stories are often developed where necessary to pass information to the general public, these information are usually disseminated through the traditional electronic media for consumption or new media. The information on paper is studied, translated, scripted and animated to convey the message it’s meant for.

Public Sensitization

ACEIDEV  carries out public sensitization on select information that will be of immense benefit to the society. These are carried out through road shows, public lectures, sensitization workshops in schools, institutions or select public places etc. The public sensitization brings the information to the door steps of the consumer with attendant benefit of interactions and debates on the subject matter.

Media Dissemination

The media is the fastest and surest way of reaching out to large number of people. leverage on this to reach out to as many people through TV and Radio  presentation, interviews, talk shows etc. Paid adverts where available are also used to pass urgent public information across to the society.