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Who we are & What we do

African Centre for Entrepreneurship and Information Development (ACEIDEV) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization committed to promoting social and economic rights, strengthening and developing entrepreneurship potentials in the society and also enhancing the production, dissemination and consumption of vital public information.

ACEIDEV duly registered under the Company and Allied Matters Act as a non-Profit Organization with the Registration number – CAC/IT/NO 80686 on September 7,2015.

ACEIDEV under her Good Governance Advocacy and Electoral Integrity Programme works to spur the citizens to advocate and make demand for good governance and engage the electoral process to ensure its transparent and respects the will of the people.

We work with grassroots organizations and leaders at the community level to galvanize them to own the process of demanding accountability from public office holders to deliver dividends of good governance and eradicate corruption and impunity.


— Our Vision

To create a society where Social and Economic Rights are upheld to equip people develop their potentials for the benefit of all.


— Our Mission

To be at the fore front of deploying all available resources to facilitate and promote social and economic rights in the society.


— Our Values

Integrity and uprightness in all our dealings as we enlighten the society and promote entrepreneurs.

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