women entrepreneurship development project

Women Entrepreneurship Development Project

Women Entrepreneurship

African Centre for Entrepreneurship and Information Development- ACEIDEV with mentorship from  British Council Nigeria’s ACT Programme,  took her International Women’s Day programme to the Rural Women of Pyanko Community in Karshi LGA, Nasarawa State.

The aim of the programme is to expand ACEIDEV’s  “Women Entrepreneurship Project” to the rural communities where the means of livelihood of rural women needs urgent intervention. ACEIDEV’s Team  through an interpreter had a heart-to heart conversations on key themes such as:

  1. Women’s Leadership Role in the family and the community,
  2. Imperatives of Entrepreneurship as a panacea for poverty alleviation and improved family livelihood.
  3. Strengthening Women’s participation in Governance and Electoral process in a “Nothing About Us, Without Us” approach.

During the programme, out of over 35 participants, only 1 person knew about the International Women’s day, which is a call to ACEIDEV and other development practitioners to focus on the plight of rural women the development of their social intervention programmes.

Experts on various SME skills interacted with the women on the importance of acquiring basic skills that will boost their household income, which will in turn increase their contribution to the family welfare. The women were eventually divided into various groups depending on the skills they have indicated interest to be involved in. The broad categories are as follows:

  1. Liquid soap production
  2. Organic spices production
  3. Bakery and Confectioneries

Training on the above skills will commence in earnest while fund sources will be mobilized to support the women as micro-loans. ACEIDEV will continue this engagement with this and other similar communities across the country to build their capacity to engage in meaningful enterprise as well as engaging effectively with those in authority.

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