Women Program

International Women's Day


Changing global environment and economic situation has been placing more burden on the society. It has become increasingly difficult for heads of families to shoulder the responsibility of family upkeeps alone.

In developed countries, women have risen up to these challenges to fill in the gap to augment the efforts of their spouses. Single divorced and widowed women start more businesses as entrepreneurs than men in their respective categories in most developed countries.


Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDEP) is narrowed to women as a target group, aimed at improving their socio-economic status. The program is tailored to develop and encourage women to engage in entrepreneurship endeavor in view to create jobs and serve as a role model for upcoming young women. ACEIDEV starts by scouting and identifying females with potentials and original entrepreneurial ideas that can transform the society with high impact and visibility that can create job opportunities. The program looks at providing business training to support women’s start-ups.

ACEIDEV provides a gender specific and sensitive training, create access to funding, networking and market.


About Us


— Entrepreneurship

Provide trainings, capacity buildings information disemmination for youths, women, traders, farmers in small, medium and large scale corporations.


— Information

ACEIDEV  source information for reproduction. Extensive work in brought to bear to reproduce the information to encourage readership and understanding. 


— Governance

ACEIDEV galvanize the people to demand for inclusivity of citizens at the grassroots in governance and any issues that concerns them, throughout the electoral process.


— Election

ACEIDEV strategically works with organizations, coalitions and groups, on election engagements, citizens and party members or appointed government officials  to ensure credibility.


— Empowerment

Organizing and empowering small and medium scale traders, farmers and its likes through Cooperatives societies and schemes and supports from international organisations.


— Consultancy

The Centre carries out survey, research, consultancy, for private and public institutions on governance, human and economic rights, election, and entrepreneurship.